Best Abstract Prize Competition

Sunday 29 May 2016
14:00 – 16:00


Chairperson: Charles Marc Samama, Chairperson of the Scientific Committee

Judges: Idit Matot (IL), Bernd Böttiger (DE)

Six abstracts have been selected by the Scientific Committee among 1463 accepted abstracts to be entered into the Best Abstract Prize Competition. Each nominee will give a 10-minute Power Point oral presentation followed by a 5-minute discussion of the abstract.

This will be an interactive session, where audience members will vote for the best abstract. The audience vote is taken into consideration by the panel.

The three best abstracts will be announced after the presentations and will be awarded with prizes of € 3000, € 2000 and € 1000.

The six selected abstracts are:


Respiratory complications in infants undergoing general anaesthesia: laryngeal mask airway versus endotracheal tube – a randomised controlled trial

von Ungern-Sternberg B.S., Drake-Brockman T., Zhang G., Ramgolam A.


Which anesthesia regimen is best to reduce morbidity and mortality in lung surgery? A multicentre randomized controlled trial
Bonvini J.M., Neff T., Stüber F., Seeberger M., Filipovic M., Beck Schimmer B.


Preoperative geriatric conditions as predictors of surgical outcomes in fourth-age patients
Pelavski Atlas A., De Miguel Negro M., Señas García L., Villarino Villa L., Alcaraz García-Tejedor G., Lacasta Fornells A.


Sevoflurane, not propofol, during lung resection surgery reduces the incidence of postoperative pulmonary complications. A randomized controlled trial
Galve A.I., Chamorro E., Piñeiro P., Garutti I., Vara E., De la Gala F.


Evaluation of Ultrasonographic Thyrohyoid Distance Measurement For Prediction of Difficult Intubation and Prediction of Pediatric Endotracheal Tube Size by Ultrasonography
Hamamcıoğlu E.A., Altındaş F., Kendigelen P., Erbabacan Ş.E., Ekici B., Tütüncü Ç.


A Novel Proteomic Analytic Approach to Identify Potential Biomarkers of Perioperative Acute Kidney Injury and Failure
Mundangepfupfu T., Yin X., Clark J., Mayr M., Marber M., Kunst G.

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